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Intake Filter Media Market: Expanding Scope in Automotive


14, February 2024

According to the World Bank, pollution causes over 9 million premature deaths, primarily due to air pollution, prompting the deployment of advanced intake filter media solutions across various industries, notably automotive. As the global vehicle industry expands, the demand for essential service components such as engine air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters is steadily rising. Estimates indicate that the average passenger vehicle requires intake filter replacement 2-3 times over its service life mileage. This is among the varied factors expected to fuel the global intake filter media market’s progress at a CAGR of 4.79% during 2024-2032.

Moreover, with the emergence of specialty vehicles such as SUVs luxury sedans, as well as upcoming segments like hybrid-electric cars and autonomous vehicles, there is a discernible demand for sustainable intake media filter solutions. In this regard, natural fiber-based filter media, sourced from materials like cotton, cellulose, and other plant-based fibers, are seeing increased utilization. This trend aligns with the broader corporate sustainability goals, underscoring a meticulous effort to reduce environmental impact while meeting stringent quality standards for filtration across diverse applications.

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In the automotive industry, air intake filter media stands as a prerequisite for engine efficiency and air purity within vehicle systems. This media solution finds widespread utility in diverse vehicles, with each category requiring tailored filtration systems to meet the unique demands of their engines. For instance, despite lacking traditional internal combustion engines, EVs rely on filtration systems for tasks like battery cooling, cabin air quality control, and auxiliary system maintenance.

In this regard, cellulose’s versatility in intake filter media allows for tailored customization to meet specific industry needs. Its compatibility with different manufacturing processes and materials further enhances its utility in creating efficient filtration systems.

Reports from Donaldson Company Inc indicate that cellulose filter media is the most prevalent type in automotive air filters, effectively eliminating up to 99% of airborne particles. Our analysis also indicates cellulose to lead the intake filter media market in terms of filter material, accounting for $4532.38 million in 2023.

Off-road automotive segment to progress at 4.70%

The off-road vehicle segment has witnessed steady growth in recent years, promoted by recreational and utility purposes. Increased disposable incomes and a surge in outdoor recreational activities have boosted the demand for ATVs, snowmobiles, and similar vehicles. Overall, the outlook for the application of intake filter media in off-road vehicles remains positive, driven by their recreational appeal, ongoing innovation, and commercial utility.

Additionally, intake filter media in engines emerges as a critical component in protecting the motors of construction equipment from airborne contaminants, ensuring their efficient operation and longevity.

Different types of construction equipment require specialized intake filter media tailored to their operational conditions and filtration needs:

- Earth Moving Equipment, like excavators and bulldozers

- Construction Vehicles such as dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks

- Material Handling Equipment, including forklifts and telehandlers

- Tunneling Equipment, such as tunnel boring machines and road headers

On-road automotive to register fast growth at 4.95%

On-road vehicles, encompassing passenger cars, light vehicles, and commercial vans and trucks, witness the fastest growth in the market. This sector sees substantial investment from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) aiming to refresh model portfolios and venture into new segments.

The two-wheeler segment, comprising motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, commands a significant global market share. Urbanization, affordability, and fuel efficiency are the primary drivers of this segment. Established brands like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Harley-Davidson cater to diverse consumer preferences with their varied models, which further drives the deployment of intake filter media solutions.

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Asia-Pacific: Emerging Player in Intake Filter Media Market

The consistent expansion of global automotive production serves as a significant catalyst for the intake filter media market. Projections from industry experts indicate a further rise, with annual production expected to surpass the 100 million mark by 2025, with notable growth anticipated in nations such as China, India, and ASEAN countries.

For instance, in China, vehicle output surged to 25 million units in 2021. In line with this growth, the production of filters and filtration systems witnessed a fourfold increase, reaching 3.5 billion sets in 2021. The substantial passenger vehicle population in China, coupled with manufacturer-recommended replacement intervals, fuels recurring demand for intake filter media.

Additionally, in July 2023, Mann+Hummel signed an agreement to acquire a major share in Suzhou U-Air Environmental Technology, owing to China’s growing prominence in the studied market.

Thus, our estimates indicate the Asia-Pacific intake filter media market is set to witness the fastest growth at a CAGR of 5.06% during the 2024-2032 forecast years.

What’s Ahead for Intake Filters?

The emergence of nanotechnology in air and liquid filtration represents a notable shift towards more efficient solutions compared to conventional filters. Key industry players are heavily investing in Nano-fiber-based intake filter media, recognizing its potential to offer finer filtration and better performance in capturing microscopic particles. This technology is anticipated to further augment advancements in intake filter media solutions, attracting investments by key contenders in the global market.

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Q1) What are the key types of intake filter media solutions?

Cellulose and synthetic are two major filter material types in the intake media solutions.

Q2) Which region witnesses the highest demand for intake filter media?

Asia-Pacific witnesses the highest demand, garnering $2622.07 million in 2023.


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