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The Growing Prominence of Kombucha: One Step Closer to Better Health

With the increasing globalization in the past couple of years and the growing exposure to different cultures, food habits have also changed significantly...

06, January 2021

Consumer Goods and Service

China top’s the Leader Board in the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

China’s pharmaceutical industry has immensely advanced in the last few years to become the second-leading market in the world, according to IQVIA. A number of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities..

20, November 2020


Virtual Healthcare: A Futuristic Approach towards Patient Management

Adapting to the ‘new normal,’ economies worldwide are operating with new strategies and transformed blueprints. Specifically, the healthcare industry, witnessed several challenges in providing tim..

18, November 2020


Is Online Learning the ‘New Normal’ and the Future of the Educational Landscape?

The race for advancement is seen in almost every sector, and academic institutions like schools, colleges, and universities, are in the same league. However, many educational bodies are struggling wit..

05, November 2020


Halloween Celebration 2020: A Spookier Twist amid the COVID-19

COVID-19 has dictated almost every conversation this year, affecting the overall functioning of all communities across the world. Amid this uncertainty, people are compelled towards a creative approac..

29, October 2020

Consumer Goods and Service

Top players in the Global Biosurgery Market

The rising global geriatric population, increasing volumes of surgeries, sports-related & trauma injuries, growing need for more effective blood-loss management, and increasing clearances of bio-surge..

26, March 2020


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