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Widening End Applications Promise a Future to the Global Battery Market

The global market is likely to boom, owing to their soaring demand. Based on our study, the global battery market will evolve with a CAGR of 6.91% during 2019-2027...

03, August 2021

Energy, Power & Utilities

Strategic Developments widens Company Footings in the ADAS Market

In the fast-paced technological world, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are bridging the gap between conventional vehicles and the cars of the future. ..

29, July 2021


Key Trends Strengthen the Global Renewable Energy Market

Electricity production from renewable energy sources has gained focus across various countries and is likely to maintain its momentum in the years ahead. ..

23, July 2021

Energy, Power & Utilities

Product Innovation to Back Brand Standing in the Global Alcoholic RTD Market

Amidst the pandemic, alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages gained momentum across various countries, especially in the US and Japan. Moreover, the category has undergone a major transformation with new l..

20, July 2021

Consumer Goods and Service

Mobile Security Landscape Shows Scope for Encouraging Future Developments

Mobile devices are witnessing a demand like never before, with consumers using them for various purposes like consuming news & entertainment, shopping, paying bills, and even managing their finances...

23, June 2021


Solid Backing from Industrial Applications to HPA Market Worldwide

High purity alumina (HPA), a premium product that encompasses 99.99% purity level, has gained a high level of traction across multiple industries...

16, June 2021

Chemicals and Material

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