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Top players in the Global Biosurgery Market

The rising global geriatric population, increasing volumes of surgeries, sports-related & trauma injuries, growing need for more effective blood-loss management, and increasing clearances of bio-surge..

26, March 2020


Rising healthcare spending is leading the growth of Blood Plasma Market in the Asia Pacific region

Blood Plasma is a straw-colored liquid component of blood, acting as the extracellular matrix for white and red blood cells and platelets. ..

25, March 2020


Major Vendors in the Global Biotechnology Reagents Market

The global biotechnology market is continuously growing and is witnessing a surging growth in the last few years. ..

24, March 2020


The Positive Influence Of The Global Floating Power Plant Market

the world is changing every day with cars, aircrafts, and ships getting more powerful regarding their capability and energy, and with something called floating power plants, the energy is turning mova..

11, April 2019

Energy, Power & Utilities

Alzheimer's Disease- A Common Disease In The United States

Alzheimer's is a form of dementia that is associated with memory loss, failure in cognitive reasoning, difficulty in thinking and change in behaviour. ..

11, April 2019


Implementation Of Supportive Government Policies Is Widening The Scope For Newborn Screening Market

Newborn screening is one of the rapidly evolving areas of the healthcare sector. The global newborn screening market is estimated to reach $ 1910 million by 2026...

11, April 2019


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