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Future of Transportation: Governments to Promote the E-bike Market

This industry provides lucrative avenues for growth, and market players are revving up their game, by expanding their product portfolios and focusing on R&D...

03, June 2021


Expanding Sealants Market exploring Applications in the Construction Industry

With the ability to provide superior adhesion and corrosion resistance, sealants have gained substantial traction across multiple industries, such as construction, automotive, and packaging. While the..

26, May 2021

Chemicals and Material

Digital Genomics: A Redefining Dimension in Life Science Industry

Digital genomics has sparked a revolution in research and systems biology to accelerate insight into complex genetic systems..

13, May 2021


Rigid to Flexible Packaging: A Sustainable Approach Backing Industrial Operations

Flexible packaging technology has resulted in lower consumption of water and electricity, in addition to reduced levels of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, flexible packaging has multiple benefits o..

15, April 2021

Chemicals and Material

Smart Metering: A Revolutionary Step Towards Water Conservation

Over the years, rapid urbanization and growing concerns related to water scarcity have compelled countries to sought new methods to satisfy the required water demands. This has resulted in cities reso..

22, March 2021

Energy, Power & Utilities

Evolving Technologies Back Up Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure protection refers to the safeguarding of crucial networks and assets responsible for supporting the national security and economy across nations. Over the years, the digital tr..

15, March 2021


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