5 Industries That Can Benefit From The Global Machine Vision Market


08, April 2019

The machine vision technology makes use of a combination of hardware and software to capture images which are then stored and processed in a computer system. This enables the system to “see” over processes like manufacturing and processing. It is a 4 step process that involves:-

  1. Capturing the image
  2. Image analysis
  3. Transmitting to control system
  4. Taking action

Over the past decade, the market for machine vision has diversified itself into various applications. The top five industries where the market finds maximum applications are listed below:

  • Automotive 

Automotive industry forms a major component of the economy in several regions like Germany, the United States, Japan and South Korea. These economies experience their automotive production on a massive scale and thus require a seamless and accurate workflow. Incorporating a machine vision optimizes the value chain. The use of 3D vision technologies has been especially beneficial to blow up the image of even minute machine components that the human eyes ideally have to struggle with.  Other key applications of machine vision include code reading, assembly verification, flaw detection, vision-enabled robot guidance, tracking, and error proofing.

  • Electronics and semiconductor

Development of advanced circuit boards and growing application of semiconductor products are driving the market for machine vision. Automated inspection is a key application of machine vision in the electronics industry.  An important advantage of machine vision is its speed. The technology enables frame to frame capturing of minute circuit components. This reduces the inspection time to a certain extent. Apart from this, the machine vision also aids in determining part alignment/ orientation, ball grid array inspection, barcode readability and simulation inspection of the electronics.

  • Security and surveillance 

The number of security cameras and surveillance systems in public, as well as private places, creates a tremendous amount of data. In case of any criminal incidence, it becomes extremely tiresome for a security personnel to go through all the images and feeds in the system and identify the culprit. Also, a lot of time gets wasted during the process. By incorporating machine vision technology in these systems, the process can be easily automated. Also, since machine vision can carry out the image analysis within seconds, the overall task becomes much less time-consuming.

  • Medical and healthcare

Use of smart cameras and sensor for the monitoring and care of patients is an important machine vision application in the healthcare sector.  This market has especially flourished in the developed economies of Europe and North America where the machine vision applications are used to detect the prevalence of diseases like cancers.  In a 2018 interview titled “The Future of Medical Machine Vision – Possibilities for Diagnostics and More”, Dr Alexandre Le explained that “ for diagnostics purposes these machines  acts as an important decision support tool when an oncologist looks at a series of images and wants to represent how statistically those pixels have evolved over time”.

  • Food and packaging

In the food and packaging industry, machine vision technology finds its application in stages like food manufacturing and processing, packaging and distribution, and safety and tracking. Nowadays, a high number of manufacturers use a 2D barcode to track and serialize their goods. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration department makes use of advanced technologies such as the multispectral and hyperspectral imaging technology to approve any new food products or packaging technique before its introduction to the market.

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